Drive sales and increase loyalty

COVID-19 has made physical trade events a thing of the past. But the need for them has not gone away. now has a Virtual Trade Event (VTE) offer meaning you can still take advantage of increasing sales and building revenue from your suppliers, all in a safe environment.

The event is run through a dedicated site that works across desktop, tablet and mobile. We do all the hard work in setting it up and will even help you raise important supplier advertising and sponsorship revenues. 

What you get:

  • Week long trade event
  • Unlimited Delegates
  • Unlimited product listings
  • NPD section
  • Up to 70 advertising slots
  • In-app messaging 
  • HD video content 
  • Project Management throughout
  • Potential to raise significant advertising revenue

Please note this is not a virtual conference. This is a trade focused digital event that your customers access and purchase products through.

If you'd like to hear from industry expert David Gilroy on the benefits of VTEs and to see some case studies, please click here.

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